Pests Are Becoming Resistant to GMOs, But a Rescue Strategy Is Working

Astara March

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Resistance to Fertility Gene Drives in Mosquitoes Emerges Quickly

Tony Nolan and his colleagues at the Imperial College London in the UK have discovered that gene drives to reduce fertility in mosquitoes […]

New Antifungal Drug Developed in the UK

  A new antifungal drug called F901318 has been developed by researchers at the University of Liverpool and a company called F2G, Ltd. […]

Another In-Office Test for Antibiotic Resistance

  Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, led by Nathan Schoepp, Travis Schlappi, and Rustem Ismagilov, have created an […]

Natural Biosensor Can Detect Antibiotics Produced by Microbes

  Researchers at North Carolina State University led by Gavin Williams have drafted the protein MphR to act as a biosensor and help […]

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