Microbial Ecosystem at Laguna La Brava Lake in Chile May Contain Undiscovered Microorganisms

Astara March

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Two Studies Uncover Significant Data on Modern Cholera Spread

  An international collaboration led by scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the UK and the Institut Pasteur in France have […]

The Ability to Survive Gamma Radiation Determines Whether or Not Prokaryotic Bacteria Can Survive on Mars

Russian researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University have discovered that the critical factor in bacterial survival on Mars is the organism’s ability to […]

Paradoxes in Microbial Interactions

  Three new principles of microbial community interaction have been discovered by researchers at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico led by […]

Monster Fungus Stalks the Forest

Armillaria ostoyae, the largest fungus on record, is at least two thousand years old, but it was only discovered 20 years ago.  One […]

Better Together – Microbial Biogas Communities Thrive on Immigration and Diversity

  Researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK mixed together 10 different methane-producing microbial communities, from sources as divergent as biogas […]

The Importance of Biodiversity in Microbiomes

Biodiversity is the number of unique organisms in an ecosystem, and because it is straightforward to calculate diversity from a single sample, biodiversity […]

Paris Gutters Contain a Fully Diverse Ecosystem of Microbial Life

Scientists from the Biology of Aquatic Organisms and Ecosystems (BOREA) Research Center at the University of Caen in France and their colleagues from […]

Clues About How Zika Became More Dangerous

Researchers in China and at the University of Nebraska Center for Virology have found two recent alterations in the Zika virus they think […]

Plants Are Hardier When They Form Symbiotic Relationships With Fungi

  Arbuscular mycorrhizas, a symbiosis of plants and fungi where the fungi supply key nutrients to the plants and the plants give the […]

NASA Grant Funds Research on Virus Evolution

A virus found in Boiling Springs Lake at Lassen Volcanic National Park five years ago by Ken Stedman of Portland State University is […]

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