Clinical and Public Health Microbiology

An Office Test to Determine the Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of UTIs is On the Way

The fASTest, that can reveal bacterial resistance patterns in urinary tract infections (UTIs) in 10 to 30 minutes instead of one to two days, will be coming to market in a few years.  The test was developed by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden led by Ozden Baltekin, Dan Andersson, and Johan Elf and will be manufactured by a company in Uppsala called Astrego Diagnostics AB.

fASTest is based on sensitive optical and analytical techniques that were developed to study the behavior of individual bacteria.  Clinicians will be able to see whether UTI bacteria grow in the presence of a variety of antibiotics within minutes.  UTIs affect around 100 million women a year around the world and are responsible for 25 percent of antibiotic use in Sweden.

“It is great that the research methods we developed to address fundamental questions in molecular biology can come in useful for such a tremendously important medical application,” said Elf.

“The hope is that, in future, the method could be used in hospitals and health centers to quickly provide correct treatment and reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics,” Andersson said.  “We believe the method is usable for other types of infection, such as blood infections where prompt, correct choice of antibiotics is critical for the patient.”

For more information, go to the August 8 early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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